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Water injected headers?

Worried about water in your engine?


You need...

The Banderlog Water Injection Valve

What is it?

The Banderlog Water injection Valve is an electronic valve that cuts off cooling water to your headers if the engine RPM falls below its set point.  This set point can be either 1,500 RPM or 2,000 RPM.

What can it do for me?

Positive water shutoff to headers at preset RPM.  No more fooling with block pressures.  No more worries about water getting into your engine.

Complete control:

Adjustments to the amount of cooling water used in the headers or engine, no longer affects the RPM at which the cooling water is introduced into your headers.

Two different RPM presets:

The unit can be set to use either 1,500 RPM or 2,000 RPM as the water cutoff point.

Optional racing cutoff

If blue headers are not an issue for you, but maximum performance at wide open throttle is.  You can use the optional Racing cutoff to stop header cooling for up to 13 seconds, while racing with the throttle held wide open.

Integrated filter:

To assure trouble free operation, every Banderlog Water Injection Valve comes with a built in water filter.  The filter screen can be removed for easy cleaning.

Trailer/Dyno running

Using RPM, cooling water will enter the headers at the correct time whether its coming from your pump or a garden hose.

Simple installation:

The basic wiring consists of three wires, power, ground and tach.  Plumbing consists of a line from the raw water pressure source to the included metering valve, through the unit and out to the headers.  That's it.

The Package:

Included in the package is The Banderlog Water Injection Module with attached wiring harness, complete installation instructions and a small parts kit containing a metering valve, high RPM jumper and connectors for finishing the wiring.


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