901M01-SD Mixed Flow Jet-Super Duty

One of the Best mixed flow pumps for the buck.

Considered the "extreme" super-duty contender, the 901M01-SD combines the best the industry has to offer in an economical package. We listened to those in the toughest global environments to update this traditional favorite. Salty, sandy conditions? No problem because no shortcuts were taken here. Ideal for the jet boat world where low cost and maximum speed with a light boat is the goal.

  • Double-lip seal keeps water out for smooth operation

  • 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft for superior strenght and corrosion resistance

  • Standard heat-treated micro polish finish – optional on others brands

  • Race-inspired suction volume to support performance

  • Heavy-duty 8V holding barrier

  • External clean out cover

  • OPTIONAL High-Thrust Reverse Bucket for the sharpest turning radius available -- gets you off the trailer quicker, easier and safer than ever before

*Pictured with optional upgraded High Thrust Reverse and nozzle assembly

901 Jets Starting at $2,995 with standard steering