XLerator Conversion For Panther Jets

JBP is proud to bring our customers the newly "Crowned" XLerator (tm) Mixed Flow Conversion for Panther Jets.  Based on our JBP original designs and concept that inspired the Panther Energizer Kit,  we've retooled and updated this conversion to offer our Panther powered crowd even more options at a competitive and affordable price.

$2695 complete with standard steering

This conversion offers features such as:

  • High Flow Performance Mixed Flow Split Bowl

  • Full size 1-1/2" 17-4 SS Shaft with full size 1-3/8 10 spline input

  • Double row grease lube Thrust Bearing

  • Serviceable with off the shelf Wear Rings

  • Come standard with Jet Boat Performance or Signature Line of Impellers up to AAA cuts, standard with Aluminum or upgrade to Mag Bronze for HP levels exceeding 500

  • optional Aggressor 9 Vane bowl

  • Steering is relocated making it serviceable with out engine removal

  • Standard Nozzle adapters, Droops, Snoots and Mini Droops with the common Berkeley 8 Bolt Pattern will all fit.

  • A true Nozzle Trim System such as Place Diverter, can be easily be utilized and added.

  • No more sloppy Transfer linkages for forward/reverse actuation, cable goes straight to the nozzle like most conventional jets

  • ONLY our conversion will accept an Inducer 2 stage pre-load Impeller

  • JBP does all labor for this conversion to the jet unit as either a send in or trade in for no additional charge*

  • Requires UPS ground shipping ,  two directions

 jet boat performance
 jet boat performance

Stock Panther 

 jet boat performance

Energized Panther 

Initial Tests w/ Second Prototype

Tahiti Eighteen
3413 30mph
4900 52.35mph

W/ Converted PANTHER (tm) installed A impeller
3013 30mph
4350 59.75
4350 61.75 Turbine Trim installed

Sleekcraft Twenty-Three
3925 30.00 mph
4800 39.73 mph

W/ Converted PANTHER (tm)  installed AA impeller
3275 30.00 mph
3800 44.10 mph (this engine is really down on power)