Complete Jet Drives

Replacement Jet Drive Units


Stronger 17-4PH stainless steel pump shaft.

Shouldered wear ring prevents cavitation.

Heat treated aluminum impeller standard.

Secondary wear ring on the rear of the impeller to prevent bowl cavitation.

Jet will accept the new 9.5" impeller.

Tandem lip seals on the bowl bearings, keeps grease in grit out.

Fifth generation bowl, better flow than any other mixed flow pump.

High flow nozzle assembly with pressure sealed TFE o-ring that does not leak after a few hours.

Nozzle inserts to fine tune your boat for optimum take-off and top speed or part throttle fuel economy. i.e. smaller nozzle, higher pressure, better take-off and top speed, larger nozzle better cruise.

HTR reverse bucket, sand lock resistant, self closing design, much easier on cable and shifter.

Highest static reverse of any mixed flow pump.

Tiller arm bolted on in two places for added safety.

Split bowl standard offers flexibility and increased performance.

Turning Fins to improve handling and to prevent spin-out.

High-Performance intake available with adjustable shoe to dial-in each and every boat.

Much higher pump efficiency than anything on the market today.

Power and manual trims available.

Light weight only 89 pounds ( jet unit ).
*Good Replacement For Berkeley 12-JA, 12-JB, 12-JC, 12-JG Jet Drives

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American Turbine AT-309