Complete Jet Drives

Replacement Jet Drive Units


For boats up to 6500 pounds all up weight.

Engine and jet sit back as much as 8 inches farther back for more interior room.

Bearing housing held on with six bolts instead of four to better support the rear of the engine.

Completely sealed bearing housing water can’t come in around the driveshaft.

A larger thrust bearing 35% more load capacity.

Mechanical pump shaft seal never needs adjusting.

Stronger 17-PH stainless steel pump shaft.

Tapered wear ring for infinite adjustment.

Heat-treated aluminum impeller standard.

Secondary wear ring on the rear of the impeller to prevent bowl cavitaiton.

Jet will accept the 10” impeller.

Tandem lip seals on the bowl bearings, keeps grease in grit out.

Fifth generation bowl, better flow than any other mixed flow pump.

Nozzle inserts to fine tune your boat for optimum take-off, fuel economy and top speed.

Standard with Best nozzle, available HTR ll.

Highest static reverse of any mixed flow pump.

Transom flange cast into suction housing, no need to make plates.

Transom flange bolts to transom so the integrity of the transom is increased.

Water off-takes are piped through the transom flange with a hose barb requiring less rigging time.

Hand hole cover outside of transom for easier access.

Will not over heat your engine at an idle.

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American Turbine SD-312