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Inducer / Cavitation Reducer

The Inducer is a revolutionary concept designed in the 50's for the use in rocket fuel pumps. It can keep a turbine pump impeller supplied with 20% more water then it can pull in by it self, this in turn putting all the produced power into motion. Increase's pump life.
Improves: hole shots, faster pop-ups of water skiers, thrusting of heavy vessels, River & Drag Racing.
100% CNC machined from a solid stainless steel bar, Not From a casting.
Fits: Most Jet Drive units with little machine work to the shaft.

When to use an Inducer?
Problem A: Pulling skiers with small impellers (B or C) and high performance engines. The small impeller does not work well for the hole shot but is designed to let the motor turn more RPM at top end to reach desired speeds. This makes pulling skiers near impossible.

Solution A: The inducer impeller is designed to feed enough water to the impeller to keep it hooked up. Resulting in tremendous hole shot and the ability to pull skiers. This does not affect the top end speed.

Problem B: Heavy white water. In turbulent white water the jet takes a gulp of air causing the impeller to spinout while negotiating a large rapid. In some cases the jet can take too long too recover resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

Solution B: The inducer feeds water to the impeller almost instantaneously. Resulting in no toss of forward progress.

Problem C: Large heavy boats with a radical engine. The large boat dictates that the impeller should also be large. By using a large impeller hole shot is increased but the motor cannot turn the appropriate RPM to reach desired top speed.

Solution C: By using a smaller impeller along with the inducer a person can have the best of both worlds and not sacrifice hole shot or top end.


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Inducer / Cavitation Reducer