Jacuzzi Jet Drive parts by JBP

Jacuzzi® 12WJ and 12YJ service parts as well as rebuilt & exchange drives are available and in most cases in stock and ready to be shipped to your location.

Jacuzzi® 12WJ and 12YJ parts are available and in most cases in stock ready to ship to your location. Jacuzzi® produces the Golden Eagle insert type version of a 12YJ, a 12HJ which is an inboard version of a 12WJ built in late 50's early 60's, PX or Mach I model also called a Piranha Jet, a PWJ which is a 12WJ with a Piranha style impeller, and a 8MJ. Please contact: "Jacuzzi Jet Drive Parts®" if you have a question on parts for above Jet Drives. Jacuzzi® 14YJ and 20YJ parts are also available and as well complete units can be quoted to meet your installation requirements.

Whatever Jacuzzi® Jet Drive need you might have, Jacuzzi® Jet Drive Parts can supply! (We also build custom and performance jet drives for specific applications. Please call or email for details and prices)

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