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Jacuzzi Xlerator and Energizer Kit

Jacuzzi WJ and HJ XLerator :The basic WJ & HJ Jacuzzi was a good jet pump,and in standard configuration can be made to well unfortunately because of the lack of aftermarket interest and the popularity of the Berkeley style jets there is a extremely limited amount of perfromance parts available for these drives Additionally the OEM parts to repair these have become increasingly more costly in recent years and when a WJ or HJ suffers a catastrophic failure the cost may exceed a Conversion kit to repair . The JBP XLerator conversion kit changes the internals to use an American Turbine® / Berkeley® / Dominator® Style impeller, JBP high flow bowl and nozzle assembly. This also allows the use of standard Place Diverter® or Turbine Trim ® and droop snoots, straight snoots, wedges etc if desired.Impellers can also be easily upgraded to Mag Bronze and Stainless as well

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Jacuzzi WJ